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Wairarapa, New Zealand

Our Story




Once upon a time many moons ago ...

when dinosaur prints were still seen in the snow,

there was an apple grower called Andrew Wright,

who got a fright in the night,

leaped out of bed (fully dressed),

and announced 'there are no juices freshly pressed!'

He set to work the next day,  shirt un tucked, hair a mess

converting an old shed into an apple press.


The years went by, the business grew,

when son-in-law Brian came into the stew,

the reigns from Andrew he did took,

and he gave Mela a brave new look,

still freshly pressed, but for some notoriety,

he separated the juice by variety!


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This is Andrew Wright who got a fright in the night.

This is Brian Belluomini who, for some notoriety, seperated the juice by variety.

These are the  actual Pacific Rose apples we use to make our Pacific Rose juice.

Old Mela Juices

Snazzy new labels so now you know exactly what you are drinking

Selling Mela almost a decade ago Auckland Foodshow


Selling Mela almost a decade ago at the Masterton Farmers Market.  We are still 100% family owned and operated.

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